Melodie Stancato is a sound & movement artist based in Brooklyn. Their research focuses on the symbiotic relationship between self-care and artistry. Melodie explores ways to learn and heal through the body, documenting these practices in video, writing, and performance.

INSTAGRAM @mellojello91


Moon Moon is an improvisational ambient sound and dance performance duo, made up of Emilie Weibel and Melodie Stancato. Through their use of contact mics and looping pedals, they co-create baroque visual and sonic landscapes.  Emilie creates textural vocal scores in dialogue with Melodie's movement, while Melodie uses contact mics on her body to amplify her motion - the soundscape and dance both accompanying and informing the other.

Otion Front is a studio in Bushwick run by Monica Mirabile, Sigrid Lauren, and Melodie Stancato, which houses rehearsals, performances, workshops, and artist residencies for those who are working at the intersection of movement, sound and performance art.  Born out of an artist collective whose work focuses on experimental forms of poetic processing. Otion Front Studio is a physical space for nontraditional explorations of expression.

Marjorie is a Brooklyn prom-lounge musical duo comprised of keyboardist Zachary Taube and vocalist Melodie Stancato. The duo is releasing their debut album, Doesn't Exist, in Spring 2022.